Who is Timothy Nuthall?

I've spent over 6 years in the television industry, and now making my as a freelancer in Richmond, Virginia. Before that transition, I've gained a wide range of skills and experiences within the media. I've been a creative producer and manager, a web manager, and an engineer specializing in Broadcast IT and Production. I break this down for you later in the page, but first....a little synopsis about who I am:

Professionally, I'm your creative and digital utility. I've created a wide variety of materials for clients to give life to their business and brands. I've built and maintained digital systems to keep the blood of a company flowing. I've constructed the battle plans to set companies apart from their competition. My biggest strengths are my out-of-the-box thinking and my technical aptitude. I learn quickly, and I create original ideas even quicker. I enjoy to work for those that invest in people because of people, especially when they wish to cultivate a team-oriented workplace. I'm inspired by those that are passionate about their business and industry, and not in it just for the bottom line.

Personally, I'm your favorite team-member. I'm one who works hard, and often is the play instigator. It's a harmonious chorus of where affability meets a "get stuff done" attitude. I'm the best Tactical Nerf Gunsman for your office, and I'll bring in that new recipe I'm trying out in the kitchen for lunch. Most importantly, I'm always there and I'm up for anything. I'm your company's Huckleberry. Overnight edit sessions, company volunteerism on weekends, or just a guy to bounce ideas off of. I've been there, I've done all of that, and I'm willing to do it all over again.

Interested in my history? Don't let it be a mystery. Scroll downward, or click the "About Me" tab and see me for the man I am.

What are my skills?

Video & Audio Production/Engineering

You can say my video & audio skills are one of my biggest assets.  For years I've created television and radio commercials for clients.  Even for fun, I work on mini documentary projects and short films with friends.  However, with my quest for acquiring knowledge, that wasn't enough. I spent some time getting granular and wanted to know how it all gets put together.  I was a quick study engineer who made his way as a Field Engineer and Truck Operator for Super Bowl coverage by local news stations across America.

Graphic Design

Need a new look for your business? Or perhaps you just need some materials for your existing brand?  I've helped clients with logos, branding packages, and banner advertisements.  I'll give you a fresh look with a reflection of who you are.  I'll even make sure all your materials follow the brand consistently, and help drive home what you are all about. All designs should be simple and to the point, and that's what I drive home in my designs.

Photography & Photoshop

I've been in darkrooms and behind a camera since high school. I have an eye to capture special moments, and I take pride when they come out perfectly.  If they don't, luckily I know my way around Photoshop.  I have done a variety of paid photography gigs, sell my work at shows, and compete in gallery competitions.  I can capture what makes your company special, to let others see your vision.

Web Design & Development

What started out as an 8th grade coding camp venture, turned into a valuable piece of my arsenal. I helped my musician friends with HTML email blasts, and that landed me a web manager gig for CNYhomepage.com.  I can help your sites really shine with a bit of design, fix those broken widgets, and even let it play nicely with Google as far as SEO is concerned.

Computer & Networking Support

As if I didn't have enough hobbies when I was little, working with computers was just another toy to me. I built my first computer in middle school, and now that's why my friends and family can't stop calling me.  I fix computers on the side, and even spent time as an Engineer maintaining and managing the systems.  Windows, Mac, and Linux are old friends of mine. If you need one taken care of, I'm your guy.

Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Need that plan to help get people to your doorstep? Let me help! My experience in media and digital sales will help you create effective media buying plans and targeted campaigns that will help get those feet to head your way, both physically and digitally.

What am I up to?

Let’s talk!

Want more details, maybe collaborate, or start a conversation? Just hit me up!
I'm game.

Who I’ve worked with….

…and what they’ve said…

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Tim. He is prompt and understands what I want with little description. He’s very patient and easy to work with. Above all, he’s professional. I would easily recommend him to others as I refer all of my clients to him in the search for logo and graphic design.”

239 Computers, LLC.

239 Computers, LLC.

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