You may have read these two paragraphs below, if so please head down past the stars!

I’m your creative and digital utility. I’ve created a wide variety of materials for clients to give life to their concepts and brands. I’ve built and maintained digital systems to keep the blood of a company flowing. I’ve constructed the battle plans to set companies apart from their competition. My biggest strengths are my out-of-the-box thinking and my technical aptitude. I learn quickly, and I create original ideas even quicker. I enjoy to work for those that invest in people because of people, especially when they wish to cultivate a team-oriented workplace. I’m inspired by those that are passionate about their business and industry, and not in it just for the bottom line.

Personally, I’m your favorite team-member. I’m one who works hard, and often is the play instigator. It’s a harmonious chorus of where affability meets a “get it done” attitude. Most importantly, I’m always there and I’m up for anything. I’m your company’s Huckleberry. Overnight edit sessions, company volunteerism on weekends, or just a guy to bounce ideas off of. I’ve been there, I’ve done all of that, and I’m willing to do it all over again.


Since this section is dedicated in getting to know me, I’ll break myself down in a few categories:

The Artist I’m one who appreciates art in all aspects. You can find me exploring galleries and museums in my spare time. Bad motor skills have kept me from the traditional art media, but I found my home right in photography, videography, and computer based graphics. I’m a voracious reader who digests library books by the Kindlefull. I roam the vast sea of music to find my thirst is never quenched as I drink it all in. Luckily, playing guitar and drums helps keep me from dying from that thirst. I write a lot as well, not that I have something to prove, but that I’m always processing life and the world as we know it. Plus, I’m all about sharing ideas, especially when it comes to the kitchen. I’m always trying new recipes and getting creative with fresh ingredients from the market. I’ve even been known to brew a beer or two!

The Techno Geek This has been my lifeblood since I knew what an Apple IIe was. I constantly immerse myself in the latest and greatest, and I am always trying to improve my skill-set. I’m up on all the tech blogs, and I’m researching that new programming language everyone’s talking about. Most importantly, I like using technology and gadgets to help streamline my life, but only when I feel the return on investment will be a solid one.

The Outdoorsman Sometimes, I have the need to be one with nature. As Nick Offerman put it so eloquently once, “Go Outside. Remain.” and I do just that. I’ll pack a tent in the car and head to the nearest lake to set up camp for the night. I’ll hike any trail, and tear around on my bike to discover new territory for my eyes. That is, unless it is new waters…I shall investigate them with a canoe or kayak. I also love myself a good treasure hunt, and I get that fix by Geocaching.

The Handyman I’ve been known to swing a hammer in my day. Home improvement was an everyday task where I grew up in the country. Old habits die hard, so I try to volunteer my skills for organizations like Habitat for Humanity. I’ll even show up at friends’ places when they need a hammer and a hand on a job. I can’t wait for the day I become a home owner and can craft a space of my very own. Until then, helping others is where I get my fix.That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I’ll never stop trying to improve myself and adding more interests to my arsenal. So stay tuned to see what new thing I’m into next!