Video Production

Have a story you’d like to tell? Use my experience as a producer, videographer, and editor to help convey your message in a powerful professional-grade video. I can also help build your production with my video and audio engineering experience.


I’ve been behind a lens, inside darkrooms, and wielding Photoshop since high school.  It’s not only a personal hobby, but an interest that I can turn into a professional service. Let me use my skills to capture important moments and content.

Web Design & Strategy

Since the 8th grade and an html coding camp (NERD ALERT!), I have had a passion for the digital space. I was once a sole designer/developer, social media manager, web marketeer, and business manager for a TV station website. Copy and repeat that now for Richmond Public Schools.  This overall experience of mine can be […]

Video Production

Have a story or a message you’d like to share? Use my skills as a producer, videographer, and editor to create powerful content!