While working as a Production Manager at WUTR, I got an opportunity to transition to be the station Website Manager, or as they titled it “eMedia Manager”.  For three years, I was the stations sole web designer, developer, social media manager, digital marketeer, and sales manager. During that tenure, I grew the site from a single website to a whole platform containing mobile apps/sites and an e-commerce platform.  My metrics showed growth in unique visitors and page views, over three times of the amount when I took the role.

Being one of the youngest of the company in this role, I brought a fresh way of doing digital for the company.  My custom and creative use of the site was noticed company wide, and they invited me to be part of a specialized committee to redesign the sites in 2011.  We worked together to bring design, strategy, and research to developers and put together something better.

Since that time, the company purchased a digital company, and my design pictured above is no longer active.

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